Andrew Jennings has been tirelessly investigating FIFA for years with many not ready to listen. Surely the time is now…

England's World Cup Bid Failure: What Andrew Jennings Missed Out

Instead of just shouting at people, investigative journalist Andrew Jennings should have delved deep into the workings of FIFA. Then he could have found enough information for a 400-page book, exposing, to pick some examples purely at …

Publish Date: 12/04/2010 23:16

England must take pride in defeat and lead FIFA reform

Andrew Jennings is a courageous journalist who has tirelessly pursued the corrupt Warner and Blatter and, along the way, pulling back the veil at FIFA to reveal the abject and utter betrayal of every bloke, boy and lady who turn out on …

Publish Date: 12/05/2010 1:59

BBC Accuse Four More FIFA Officials by Name

Panorama Shocks FIFA with More Allegations. BBC’s Panorama program was broadcast this evening in England and as expected, it contained a series of embarassing revelations. Reporter Andrew Jennings obtained a list of secret payments to …

Publish Date: 11/30/2010 8:59

FIFA is a corrupt shower; kick the World Cup into touch | The

Panorama has repeatedly exposed corruption in FIFA’s running of the World Cup, and reporter Andrew Jennings has been on the case for a number of years. FIFA is a corrupt shower, and we are better off without the World Cup until it is …

Publish Date: 12/02/2010 2:44

How You Can Watch BBC Panorama FIFA's Dirty Secrets Outside The UK

On Monday, BBC Panorama will air “FIFA’s Dirty Secrets,” a 30 minute exposé that “investigates corruption allegations against some of the FIFA officials who will vote on England’s World Cup bid. Reporter Andrew Jennings exposes new …

Publish Date: 11/29/2010 4:45

Twitter is also going crazy over Andrew Jennings with the majority in support:

Panorama’s Andrew Jennings condemns UK sports news journalists for not investigating FIFA corruption

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